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The institution of a Mathematical Week has long attracted those interested and engaged in Mathematics. It has given and continues to give the opportunity for everyone to be informed and participate in work related to new discoveries, novel concepts, and continuous updating on theoretical and applied Mathematics. The Mathematical Week broadens its thematic scope with parallel events such as book fairs, painting exhibitions, project presentations, software learning and awards.
   The Mathematical Week aims to promote constructive dialogue and reflection on Mathematics, but also to seek answers about the role of Mathematics in education, science and culture in the context of a cross-curricular, interdisciplinary approach.
   Issues such as advances in research, new technologies, teaching methodology and applications are the ones expected to prevail in the topic-selection priority of the papers to be presented during the 6th Maths Week.

    The 6th International Mathematical Week aims to reach a modern way and answer questions that are intensely preoccupying the mathematical community and particularly those questions arising because of the close relationship of Mathematics with other sciences and with significant human activities. This Mathematical Week aspires to offer, among other things, an opportunity to highlight the humanitarian character of Mathematics and to study their historical contribution to various branches of culture.

·         Mathematics in Secondary Education, Tertiary Educations (universities and colleges) and life-long learning
·         Mathematics in Primary Education
·         Mathematics and new technologies – approaches of mathematical thinking
·         New proposals and research in Mathematics
·         A cross-curricular approach to Mathematics, the Natural Sciences, Language and History with the use of ICT (Digital classroom – Interactive whiteboards)
·         Interfaces between Mathematics and Art or Culture
·         Proposals for the planned changes in Mathematics curricula and textbooks in primary schools – lower and upper secondary schools (gymnasiums and lyceums)
·         The History of Mathematics in Mathematical Education
·         Mathematical competitions and the art of creating and solving problems Mathematics and special Education
Round Tables
§  The need for new curricula in Mathematics for gymnasiums and lyceums.  Trends, searches and suggestions.
Problems of teaching and learning Mathematics at all levels of education – teachers submit their experiences.
v  Closing date for participation in the organisational committees: December 30, 2013.
v  Deadline for submitting papers: January 30, 2014
v  Approval by the scientific committee: February 15, 2014
v  Schedule to be posted on: March 1, 2014
v  The proceedings will be available at the start of the Mathematical Week.
v  Registrations website: www.emethes.gr
For information on paper specifications, submission guidelines, and the publication of the proceedings, please see the website of the Hellenic Mathematical Society Central Macedonia Branch: www.emethes.gr

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